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*Group Order for t-shirts?
*Group Order for t-shirts?
**Who should run that?
**Who should run that?
**Create a committee to select a shirt design (maybe encourage a vote for options)

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This page is a to-do list for Board Members:

  • Update bylaws, membership rules, board responsibilities
    • Consider adding a service membership. Look to Charlotte for an example.
  • Set up digital accounts
    • YouTube
    • Flickr?
    • get set up on google maps
  • Should we get a google voice number as well? I've never looked into that
  • Update LDAP Roster
    • Get with Pete to be able to modify LDAP roster Pete did his part, now I just need to do it.
  • Setup formal "Newsletter"
    • Add folks that have asked to be kept informed but don't want to wade through the Google Group postings
      • Linda Nyholm (
    • Also consider our newsletter to be a mailer to get in touch with the less computer-inclined folks. Direct marketing old school.
  • Webpage Updates
    • We probably need to get some sort of event registration thing integrated into drupal. Best case scenario, it even makes calendar events for us, but that's probably wishful thinking
  • Finish Expenses for Grand Opening
    • Check with Matt Jordan for design He donated his service for making the cards.
    • Check with Adan for food We need to come up with a thank you gift for the food donation. We probably need to come up with thank you gifts in general.
    • Also expense for MMF: sam for the plastic
  • 501(c)(3)
    • get member vote on that
    • meet with lawyer, etc.
  • Board positions
    • Add new positions at annual meeting
    • Get board member position descriptions worked out in advance
  • Start new space search in December-January
    • Get committee together in december timeframe
  • Group Order for t-shirts?
    • Who should run that?
    • Create a committee to select a shirt design (maybe encourage a vote for options)
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