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This page is a to-do list for Board Members:

  • We need to take a bigger stake in the space organization. This is becoming a bigger issue by the day. I'm willing to help push some of this stuff through, if we can develop some consensus. I'll work with Mike and get this shit executed. We've come up with a new plan. We need to distribute it and get people talking about it and we're ready to go with it, as soon as we schedule the time to make it happen. - Laz
  • Finish 3D printer computer station, get software installed, etc. The 3D printing situation is probably about as good as it's going to get for a while.
  • Address hole in membership rules for visitors who are minors. Suggest letting them attend classes, but preventing using anything more dangerous than a computer keyboard without parental permission.
  • Add procedure to membership rules for letting space out to third parties. This should focus on places that are in line with our educational mission. We don't want it to become unrelated business income.

    • get set up on google maps we should be getting a postcard from google in the mail soon - Update: Seems I may need to resend this.

  • Group Order for t-shirts?
    • Let's get our new creative director plugged into this option. I know that Adan and Repurposer were working on a neat shirt idea that they brainstormed during a KMBI session.
    • Idea set, working on pricing, and getting ready to take orders.


  • Review current membership
    • check for active/inactive status
    • check for outstanding keys
    • check for appropriate logins/access for all new members
  • Update membership mailing lists, etc
  • Review Key Situation

Communications Director

  • We need to come up with some good copy to distribute to people when we want to start talking about funds. About us, what we do, etc.
  • Set up digital accounts
    • YouTube
    • Flickr
  • Setup formal "Newsletter"
    • Add folks that have asked to be kept informed but don't want to wade through the Google Group postings
      • Linda Nyholm (
  • Also consider our newsletter to be a mailer to get in touch with the less computer-inclined folks. Direct marketing old school.
  • Webpage Updates
    • We probably need to get some sort of event registration thing integrated into drupal. Best case scenario, it even makes calendar events for us, but that's probably wishful thinking
    • We need to work on the editor to make putting pretty content easier for others.
    • Get an official page for our bylaws and the like on the page.
    • Look into setting up something where we put plans and schematics to spread the knowledge.
  • IP addresses for Cray
  • LDAP introduction / brainstorm w/ Pete
  • add skp files to valid uploads
  • ticketing system for tech requests
  • David Snider - speaking at tech council
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