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** [[Steam Bending Box]]
** [[Steam Bending Box]]
* [[Chaos Race: Sierpinski Laser Game]]
* [[Chaos Race: Sierpinski Laser Game]]
* [[Sewing for Hackers]]
== Andronicus ==
== Andronicus ==

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This page lists our ideas for ongoing or future projects and classes. If you would like to spearhead a project, please move it under your name so that those who are interested will know who to contact.




Ben Mayer

  • Temperature control for brewing and beyond (Arduino, Local display[LCD], Remote Display [XBee, 802.11, Ethernet], data logger, timer)
  • Steam Punk wireless mouse
  • 3D printing, modeling, OpenSCAD


  • Kiln "modernization"


  • Near-future
  • Distant future
    • Vending machine repurpose
    • antique tape deck/radio/LP cabinet w/ speakers repurpose
    • M.U.G.E.N.


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