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[[Bylaws]] - work in progress
[[Bylaws]] - work in progress
[[Policies and Procedures]] - work in progress
[[Policies and Procedures]] - work in progress

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Welcome to the Knoxville Makers Guild Wiki!

Join us on IRC at #knoxmakers on Freenode or the Knoxville Hackerspace on Google Groups

Access is through the Knoxville Hackerspace phpBB - you can not sign up for an account directly on this wiki. If you wish to participate, simply sign up for at account on the forum and request rights to the wiki group.

An index of all wiki pages is here

Nashville Trip: Add your ideas to the Hacker Consortium Core Dump page!

Bylaws - work in progress

Policies and Procedures - work in progress

Future Projects

List of Events

Fundraising Ideas

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

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