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Welcome to the Knox Makers Wiki! Write Access to this wiki is to only members who have an ldap login

About Knox Makers

We have a good overview on our website.

The quick way to get involved in discussions with us is to join our Google Group at Knox Makers.

For an overview of everything on the wiki, an index page is here.


This section has some information that is useful to members and/or potential members.

Membership Rules - Here is a place to find the rules that our members are expected to follow.

How to Become a Member - An overview of the process.

Group Buy - When we have an active group buy going, this is the page we use to keep it all organized.


This area is for keeping track of what our members have done/are doing/are planning to do.

Past Projects - Where old projects never die, they just go to instruct others who try in the future.

Current Projects - This is what we are working on right now.

Future Projects - Ideas for things we want to day.

List of Events - This is a list of the classes/presentations and other events we've had at Knox Makers.

Event Ideas - Here is a place to put ideas for classes/presentations you'd be interested in seeing in the future.


This is a place to keep track of what tools/items/abilities we have in/because of our space.

Equipment Donations and Loans


Mission Statement - What our purpose is.

Board of Directors - A list of our current directors.

Bylaws - The corporate organization and other major items details are covered here.

Officer Duties - A description of duties performed by the board of directors.

Policies and Procedures - A place to keep the procedures we've generated to manage and operate Knox Makers.

Meeting Minutes - A place to keep meeting minutes.

Files - Where we keep our media, publicity and other items.

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