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Here are some resources that people have brought to the space for sharing:

  • fractalexplorer:
    • Truck that can sometimes transport transportables including humans
    • vending machine
    • tape deck/radio/record player cabinet
    • various basic tools
    • a JC Penney Methuselah of a Dremmel knock-off
    • old table-mount sanding/griding base and mechanism sans belt and electromechanical "what makes it go"
    • batteries, cables, various etceteras
    • CASIO CTK-810
    • HMP-288 MIDI keyboard (for circuit-bending?)
    • Fox Valley timing light
    • USB and adapter trinkets of handiness +1, casts "permanent aura of fear of offbrand malfunction"
    • Duracraft ceramic heater
    • various clearance items at Tractor Supply
    • assortment of special tools when needed (offsite)
    • web hosting space for testing/tinkering projects
  • Laz: Garage space for projects, an reasonably complete set of mechanics tools with pneumatic tools, saws and some other woodworking tools
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