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This page is a to-do list for Board Members:

January Agenda Items

  • Review Officer Duties with all board members.
    • Talk about ongoing projects each position is working on.
    • Talk about long-term plans that our board has been developing over the past year.
  • Identify possible goals for board positions this year.
  • Approve Camera Purchase
  • Take-over payment of meetup
  • 3D printing budget
    • Buy filament
    • upgrade hot end?
    • Do we need a new stepper?
    • Why do we not have a 3D printing SME?
  • Discuss where to keep/store acquired items (camera, makey-makey, etc)
  • Discuss outreach/development programs
    • A1 Arts (Jan 24)
    • UTK Business School (ongoing)
    • SWE 3D Printing Meeting (Jan 23?)
  • Discuss engaging the beginner community at Knox Makers
  • Discuss donation offered on google group

Email Transfer

  • follow up on conversations with Bill May, Donna from A1, others?

Previous Open Items

  • Address hole in membership rules for visitors who are minors. Suggest letting them attend classes, but preventing using anything more dangerous than a computer keyboard without parental permission. How do we do this still? Austin East First Robotics?


  • Review current membership
    • check for active/inactive status
    • check for appropriate logins/access for all new members
  • Update membership mailing lists, etc
  • Put together a new member orientation packet so people will have a handy reference to culture and doing things. We can include simple things like member storage, tool orientation, etc. What's ok to use, what's not, who to ask if you have questions. That sort of thing.

Communications Director

  • We need to come up with some press releases to distribute when we want to advertise, or we get picked up for a news story. About us, what we do, etc.
  • Talk about communication philosophy to help decide what's important to the organization as a whole

Webpage Updates

  • We probably need to get some sort of event registration thing integrated into drupal. Best case scenario, it even makes calendar events for us, but that's probably wishful thinking
  • We need to work on the editor to make putting pretty content easier for others.
  • Look into setting up something where we put plans and schematics to spread the knowledge.


  • LDAP introduction / OAuth?