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This page is a to-do list for Board Members:

January Agenda Items (Review)

  • Check to see how people are moving into new roles. Review status of projects.
    • Secretary - New member process, any missing info?
    • CD - Check workload
    • Facilities - inventory status?

February Agenda Items

  • Get Issac to demo the status of the webpage as-is. Compile notes on what we need to launch.
  • 3D printing needs a SME badly
    • Buy filament
    • upgrade hot end?
    • Do we need a new stepper?
  • January Financial Review
    • Form 990N for IRS
  • Discuss outreach/development programs
    • Children's Festival of Reading
    • UTK Business School (ongoing)
    • IEEE Meeting
    • Caleb@United Way
    • B-sides?
    • Jewish Day School
    • BCPL Makey Makey Day Demo (5/30)
    • BCPL Summer Reading Program
    • Steampunk Carnivale
    • CodeStock
    • Marble City Comiccon
    • SCA events
    • Kingsport Mini Makerfaire (July 18)
    • Chattanooga Mini Makerfaire (Sept 19)
    • Maker Faire Atlanta (Oct 4 & 5)
    • New library partnerships (James)
    • Senior education programs (James)
    • Outreach tech cart tool share (MaKey kits, Circuit Scribe, etc)
  • Moving/Space Concerns
  • New member orientation
  • Funding Materials for an on-going art class
    • If so, we probably need to look at sales tax exemption in TN: [1]
  • Discuss newsletter as possible new way to engage membership.