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  • Cancel Electrical Service in Oak Ridge - Sam?
  • Cancel Gas Service in Oak Ridge - Sam? (PS. I think we have a large deposit here as well)
  • Cancel internet from Tech20/20. Sam?
  • Send email to members telling them to clear out old space/member storage. - Doug (I'll try to do this tomorrow)
  • Create a guide for members on how to use the alarm system. Should be written up, maybe added to wiki? Just leave out code. - Jondale?
  • We want to give out keys ASAP, but we are having an alarm system issue. The downstairs keypad is not arming appropriately, and I'm sending texts to Matt the IT guy to use the app to arm the alarm after we leave. Hopefully this issue gets resolved very quickly. Alarm issues fixed.
  • Updates to our site and other entities about the new location
    • Update our about us page on our website to point to our new place. Add pictures and directions to make it obvious. - ????
    • Update wiki where relevant - ????
    • resubmit website sitemap and Google Webmaster tools if used - Jeff?
    • Update Facebook - James
    • Update G+ - Doug
    • Google Maps - ????
    • Update Meetup - Doug
    • Update Eventful (not active but address is still in there) - ????
    • Update - ????
    • Update Makerspace directory - ????
    • Update IRS things - ????
    • File change of address with State of TN - Doug
    • Update domain registrar information for physical address - Jeff?
  • Get a sign to put by the door we are using as our entrance. We want to make it obvious where people should enter. - Issac?
  • update our equipment inventory - Makhan (we're going to need to get a good list on what we've got and what it's worth so we can evaluate how much insurance coverage to get)