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This is a page for dumping stuff related to the glasswork talk. I have not made a presentation yet, but I intend for it to have some of the following information


Empty Bottle/n Glass Cutter/n

Things that don't work good:

  • score all around the bottle
    • I have seen this in lots of places. This is almost never a good idea, since it is difficult to match the line to itself. Some seem to have had success with a jig.
  • saw
    • You can do this with a tile saw maybe, since it will keep everything cool with the water flow. Expensive setup (maybe good for a makerspace)
  • flame polishing
    • While this is probably the best,and certainly the most professional means to accomplish this, you really need to anneal glass after flame polishing. While I don't have any personal experience with this, I have it on good authority. An annealing furnace might be a good thing for a makerspace to have. We could totally attract the glass community with that...
  • hot wire
    • A nichrome wire that is wrapped around the bottle, and suitably attached to some voltage source can work. We should try this, it sounds fun.
  • extra low tech
    • tying a string, alcohol, using a candle, setting it on fire, using ice, cold water, etc.. - come on, people. we can do better than that

Things to try

  • various grits of sandpaper
    • So, tried 320, 220. Think we need to find something coarser that is wet/dry. Search has commenced
  • the new turntables (with hard drive motors, possibly)
    • Turntable works great with about 6V applied (to the 3v motor??? ummm...)
  • nichrome wire
  • etching cream
    • Not sure whether this will turn up the desired results
  • glass glue (Isaac - do you have any UV LED's left over from your project? I need to do some curing. if not, the sun will do)
    • this is fantastic. Bought 2 UV LED's, and the sun works great too.
  • Will be taking photos of the process for the slideshow.

Ideas for the future

  • use the turntable to do sanding.
    • Mike suggested sticking the bottle down and holding a sponge on it. I say tilt the turntable a little, give it holey walls, and have it pass in to a reservoir with a polishing slurry. set the bottle in, turn it on and walk away until its sanded. set up various grits, and voila

Photos for slideshow