Move-in Checklist

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See below for a checklist of items to be completed for moving into a space:

Pre-lease requirements

  • Check on insurance cost/availability for lease requirements (Bradley Insurance estimates ~1300/year for insurance)
  • Check on cost/availability of internet service (Comcast business available, no construction charges, some delay time based on permitting)
  • Check on arrangements for trash pickup (Waste management has 2 yard dumpster for $80/mo + $85 one-time delivery fee)
  • Decide on access control system for front door
  • Estimate electrical needs

Pre move-in requirements

  • Occupancy permit requirements? Fire marshall??
  • Get utilities set up

Within 30 days of moving in

  • Change address with IRS
  • Change address with bank (y12) and insurance company (Bradley Insurance)
  • Amend charter with new address
  • File Charter with Knox County Register of Deeds
  • Update
  • Update
  • Add new workshop to