What excites you the most about KM?

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Can't choose!

Wow, this survey is a fantastic idea! But how can I choose one of these as the thing that excites me the most?!

Maybe if there were check boxes and we had to pick our top seven?

Polling options

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I could not find an option for this Drupal install where users can select more than one option. Do feel free to comment with your list of top seven.

I'm sure this poll can be handy for other items, but the main reason I included it is to try and get feedback on what may be the top things to focus on for flyer pictures.

Any feedback is helpful, whether you can isolate one solitairy thing as your favorite, or whether you can't reduce it to a list smaller than seven items.

A more sophisticated polling plug-in for Drupal could be looked at, or an offsite service such as SurveyMonkey.

This Drupal module seems like a winner, but I believe there are also others out there, as well: http://drupal.org/project/advpoll

My top seven from the list

My top seven from the list (in no particular order, and includes an 8th of DIY in general)- 3D printers- Arduino- Gaming / DnD- Hacking / Programming (includes LINUX)- Music- Metal Work- Wood Work- Electronics- DIY in general


Right on, right on.

DIY in general
3D printers
metal work
wood work
the laser

My interest in the group

My interest in the group changes, I think the easiest way to define what interests me most is having the others of us around as a resource, no just for individual talents, but also because a group helps get things done that otherwise might sit on a shelf for three years and gotten rid of.