Linux Install Fest (September 20th, 6pm)

Want to drink the Linux Kool-aid, but don't know where the cups are?

Let us help you. . .

Linux might seem daunting if you have not used it much, but nowadays it is really something to test drive if you have not. Modern distributions are pretty darn slick.

Bring your notebook, netbook, router, desktop, server, dog, microwave, etc. and let's see if we can put the *Nix on it.

Don't want to reinstall? No worries, VirtualBox let's you run it in a VM.

Don't want to use VirtualBox? No problem, use the Wubi Ubuntu installer and dual boot without even needing to repartition your drive.

Don't what that and just want to learn how to use a LiveCD / USB instead? - okay.

Don't own a computer? (Seriously?) Well, okay - make a VM in Amazon and access it from anywhere. Heck, even your phone.

Bring in something you want to run Linux on (or just come anyway) and get help getting launched into orbit.

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