Atlanta Mini Maker Faire 2012

Jennifer boating in the fountain

What a great event: perfect weather, perfect location on the Georgia Tech campus, excellent turnout of exhibitors and attendees.... just an all around outstanding event.
Jennifer and I manned a table for the Knox Makers, showing off K'MBI The Canoe as well as the two thermoforming setups. We spent the majority of the time talking to people about the canoe. There was a gratifying level of interest in the process and the end result. We did some good thermoforming too, though limitations of space and manpower made that difficult. Jeff and family made it down as well, and enjoyed the broad range of activities and displays.
Officer Walton of the Georgia Tech police stopped his Segway at our booth a couple of times, expressing interest in both the boat and the thermoforming. We jokingly asked how long he thought we'd be able to float the canoe in the nearby fountain before we were forcibly ejected... and he actually encouraged us to do it! "The students pretty much live in that fountain... go right ahead!" Well, okay! Several bystanders came over with us and were excited to get a chance to try K'MBI in the water. 
Check out the gallery for images of thermoforming... and Jennifer boating in the fountain!