Introduction to Stained Glass - 11/3/12 @ 10AM

There will be an introduction to stained glass class this Saturday, November 3 at our space, starting at 10AM.  This will be a class where our guest instructor, Patti, will cover the materials, methods, and tools required to get started working with stained glass.  There will a demonstration of the techniques involved.  Due to the level of interest in this topic, we've decided to break it out into separate sessions.  This session will be an introductory class to cover the basics, but we won't be able to provide tools and materials for everyone to work with to make their own stained glass panel.  Because of that, this will be a free introductory session (no materials fee) where we will familiarize everyone with the process, and try to give everyone at least a little hands-on time with the demonstration materials Patti will be providing.

After this introductory session, we'll set up at least one follow-up session with an attendance cap where we can provide the tools and materials to allow people to make their own stained glass panels.  There will be a materials fee for that class.  This follow-up session isn't scheduled yet, but keep an eye on our homepage and/or Google Group to find out when these classes will be.  We know that you have that itch to learn about and make new things.  Rather than turning people away for this class, we thought we'd break it up so that we can have multiple working sessions if needed.

So, everyone come on out and learn about stained glass and see if this is something you'd like to follow up on!