Intro to Leatherworking - 11/15/12 @ 6:30 PM

Tonight at 6:30 PM we will be hosting an introduction to leatherworking. This is intended to be a first introduction to leatherworking.  No previous experience required.  We will be providing a few pieces of scrap leather, as well as demonstrating some of the tools that you need to do some tooling.  We'll be showing how to improvise a few of these tools so you can get started quickly and cheaply on your own.  This will be a great introduction for folks that have some interest in Steampunk crafting.  Tooled leather and electronics can be used to make some outstanding items. We will also talk about have the fantastic resource here in town for leatherworking: Tandy Leather Works, which is located on Downtown West Boulevard.  We'll have some copies of their upcoming class schedules and catalogues for folks that want to dive deeper into leatherworking.  We hope to see you there.
Also, feel free to hang around afterward to participate in Make Magazine's International Maker Meeting on 3D printing.  We will be participating via Google+ Hangout On Air.