Pellicon Knox Makers Demo Sat 3/24

Knox Makers,

Don't forget that tomorrow (Sat 3/24) will be our demo at Pellicon.  We're still pretty hazy on the details, but here is the rough plan:

  • Zach and Selena are going to work on a Banner and Flyers to hand out today (Fri 3/23)
  • Doug will pick up extra Polystyrene sheets for the masks today (Fri 3/23)
  • 8:00 AM Sat 3/24: Doug, Zach and Selena will meet-up at PSCC (10915 Hardin Valley Road) in the loading zone behind the Goins building, unload, and setup the demo tables, signs and banners.
  • 9:00 AM - Noon Sat 3/24: Doug, Zach and Selena will take the first shift staffing the demo table
  • Noon - 9:00 PM Sat 3/24: Jess and Sam will arrive to take second shift, giving Doug, Zach and Selena a chance to escape for lunch, and then random shift changes will occur as needed
  • 9:00 PM Sat 3/24: Jess and Sam take down the demo table and banners

There is a lot of uncertainty in this plan, so this is just going to be a guideline.

I'd like to push some of our specific upcoming workshops if possible.  For instance I have a couple of large CDC Zombie preparedness posters I'd like to put up to pimp our May 17th Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness workshop.

- samthegiant -