Tue 4/3 Open Hack - How the heck do we get an actual space of our own?

<p>The theme for our Tue 4/3 Open Hack will be &quot;How the heck do we get an actual space of our own?&quot; We've been trying to pull together a hackerspace here in the Knoxville area for over a year and a half now, and although we've made a lot of progress and had a lot of fun, we still haven't taken that first big step of getting a physical space of our own.&nbsp; On Tue 4/3 I'd like us to take a good look at our finances, review as many possible spaces as people can bring in, and brainstorm some plans to get us into our own space before our two year anniversary on Mon 9/3. Please make a special effort during the next week to ask at least three people outside the group if they know of any industrial spaces that could go to a non-profit group like ours cheaply.</p><p>As normal we will be meeting at TechCo (130 W. Jackson Ave., Suite 101, Knoxville, TN 37902) at 6:00 PM.</p>