Group Buy in Preparation for Our Upcoming Workshops

As Sam has recently posted, we have some exciting workshops coming up, and they will be more fun if you have the supplies and materials you need to participate yourself.  To that end, we are going to put together a group buy at Adafruit.  The plan for the group buy is to start collecting information on who wants what using our email list, so sign up for our google group list and watch your email.  The soldering workshop is Thursday, April 19th, so in order to make sure everything arrives in time for the workshop, we will place the order next Friday, April 6th.  That will be after our next Open Hack, so there will be plenty of time to plan what you need, and it will even give you the opportunity to others at the open hack about what you might need to make your project happen.  If you need kits, or if you want to order an Arduino or two, or if there is anything else that's been sitting in your shopping cart, now's the time to think about making it happen.  This Knox Makers group buy will be your best opportunity to buy from Adafruit for a while because we have recently completed the requirements for becoming a reseller of Adafruit.  That means we get better volume discounts, at lower quantities than what is shown as list price on their website.  This is a very cool program that Adafruit developed to support groups like us, and in return they only ask us to maintain a very modest minimum order so that they can stay in business.Be on the lookout for the email, and in the meantime, start thinking about what goodies you would like to buy!