Fritzing with the Arduino Workshop, Part 1 (August 7th, 6PM)

Fritzing is a novice-friendly electronic hardware design application that lets the user graphically build a design on a breadboard, convert that design to a schematic, and then create printed circuit board files. In this two-part workshop we will have a hands-on demonstration for how to design a breadboard real time clock. We will test this design with the Arduino and we will generate the schematic and the PCB files. Please bring a laptop with Fritzing pre-installed or you can install it during the first meeting. This presentation will be given by Joe Pardue, author of Smiley’s Workshop in Nuts&Volts Magazine and is based on articles from the August and September 2012 issues.

We will have a limited number of computers available with Fritzing installed for those without laptops.  Feel free to bring your own Arduinos and projects to discuss after the presentation.  Part 1 of the presentation will be on Tuesday, August 7th at 6PM.  We hope to see you there.