New tool! Bandsaw Edition!

So we have some new tools available for use, but only one has made it to the space so far: A bandsaw. (More info after the break!)

It's tucked in nice and cozy between the kiln and the shopsmith.  It even has wheels, which makes it very convenient to roll out and use and then just as easily tuck it away again.  This is part of a big purchase I made to get some old shop equipment from a co-worker.  I also picked up a 12" planer, a combination belt/disc sander, a 5-speed drill press, and a table saw.  The rest of the items are a bit too large to fit in our current space, but will help us finish out a pretty nice woodworking space once we grow into a new home.


Awwww yeah

The Knox Makers Boatbuilding Initiative will find it MUCH easier to cut the next set of canoe bits and pieces: stem assembly, breast hook, thwart gussets... no longer need to hack them out by hand. Sweet!

aww man

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Why in the crap do we have first aid kits, anyway, if we aren't going to endanger ourselves unnecessarily?!

Seriously, though, awesome sauce has occurred. Awesome sauce, thy name is bandsaw

Making progress

We'll need to do a little bit of work to get the thing in tip-top shape, but it'll cut some stuff for sure.