Learn to Make Beer!

Belgian Tripel.

The member meeting for August will be Thursday, August 18 at 6:00 PM at Laz's house.  If you aren't yet a member, you should still come out, meet some of our current members, and have a good time
We will be making a beer using extracts to make the process shorter, but it will still take a couple of hours from starting the boil to pitching the yeast.  I will be talking about all the steps of the beer-making process, including the differences between the extract process we'll be using and the more involved all-grain process.  We will discuss the different styles of beer, the difference between ales and lagers, and some of the chemistry that makes all the magic happen.  
For dues-paid members (hint, hint), there will be two beers on tap to sample.  One will be a Dunkelweizen ; and the other will be a homebrew recipe for homebrew, which is in the American Pale Ale style. This will actually be the beer that we will be making more of on Thursday, so you'll get to find out exactly how the beer you will be making tastes.
When we are all done, we should have something that looks like this: strike that, like the above. (Apparently I can neither use HTML for an image or for strikethrough) ...and you should know how to make beer and what it would take for you to get started making beer yourself.
Also, as an added bonus, since there will be a lull in the middle of brewing while waiting for the boiling to happen, we will have a special presentation about the Table-Top Touchscreen project that's been progressing in my garage.  You can learn about two neat projects for the price of one.  Hope to see you there.