So...You Want to Build a Cray? (P) - Tue 10/29 6:30 PM

Cray move-in day 2013-02-09

So...You Want to Build a Cray?

Presented by Jeff Nichols & David Dillow

The Oak Ridge National Lab is where Titan, a Cray supercomputer, is located. It is currently the fastest, open-science computer in the world. At KnoxMakers we have a cabinet from one of the previous generation Cray supercomputers. This talk is about the components comprising a supercomputer and our experience pulling these components together in order to restore the older Cray to working order.

Open Hack - 10/08/13 @ 6:30PM

We're planning to have an open hack night at our space tonight.  That means no set agenda, but we've got a few ideas about what we'll be doing.  First, we plan to have a bit of a fix-it night.  This is where you bring in your broken things and with the help of your hacker compatriots you take it apart and try to fix it.  Also, we're in the process of developing a screen printing workshop, so there is some prep work and testing that needs to be done.  Also, we're continuing our space  development projects.

What's going on behind the scenes, Part 2

In the last post, I mentioned some other topics for further discussion.  In this post, I'm going to pick one of the lighter topics: hackerspace as a hangout.  To talk about what that means, I think we have to start by talking about what benefits we can and do get from a hackerspace.  To most people who are familiar with the concept of a hackerspace (who themselves are still a small portion of the general population), the most immediate and obvious benefit is the shared workspace and tools.

Continuing Organization and Cleanup

Hey everyone.  We just wanted to fill in folks on some of the progress we are making on improving the layout and cleanliness of the space.  We got the large wooden sign that Adan made for us hanging again in a prominent location.  Additionally, we finished relocating the projector.  It now points at the other wall for improved visibility throughout the space, and to make the top shelves on our storage racks wide open for usage without having to worry about blocking the screen.  The VGA cable is still located near the desk where it has been.  Issac did a great job getting all of this into one picture.  More upcoming plans after the break.

Hack Rack...Attacked!

Continuing in the vein of improvements to our space and organization, we had a planned organization session at our space tonight.  It's not completely finished, but it is underway, and it's already a tremendous change.  Here's some shots of what the racks look like from the front of our space looking back:

Member Storage

Hello, everyone.  I'm back from my final trip to Japan (for real this time).  Something that we've been talking about for some time now is member storage.  Well, we've been dragging our feet for a while now talking about different ideas, so we decided to go with a completely different approach:  quick, rash action!  To that end, we bought some metal shelves and located them in the front corner of our space.

7/23 MaKey MaKey & Scratch Workshop (6p-8p)

fractalexplorer's picture

This is a free event that is open to the public.

The class will focus on combining MaKey MaKey with Scratch programming to achieve a variety of results including educational experiences for kids and new learners; homebrew games; unique interactive presentations and stories; easy prototyping; musical exploration; and other hijinks.

Instructables/SUGRU July Build Night

Instructables/SUGRU July Build Night 

Planning session on Tue 7/9 at 6:30 PM

Build Night on Tue 7/16 at 6:30 PM

Instructables has begun sponsoring monthly build nights at makerspaces and hackerspaces around the world, and Knox Makers has signed up to be one of the 100 spaces participating in the JULY 2013 Build Night with SUGRU.



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