MUSE Donation Machine Workshop (P) - Tue 6/11 6:30 PM

Okay folks, we're in the final stretch for this project and need all the help we can get. Our goal is to hand over a completed module that the MUSE staff can use for their demo this Saturday (6/15). This week we need to finish the case, rig the curtains, mount the electronics, build the display board, finish and mount the water-jets and settle Gunther into his new home.

MUSE Donation Machine Workshop (P) - Tue 5/28 6:30 PM

The purpose of the MUSE donation machine is to allow the MUSE staff to attract attention and donations for the new Children's Museum. In order to accomplish this the MUSE donation machine should include visually attractive and interactive elements as well as being easily transportable.



3D Printer Build Weekend

You can build a printer like this one!

Makers, Hackers, and 3D printing enthusiasts:         

Knox Makers is announcing a weekend-long 3D printing seminar, scheduled June 29th & 30th.  We will be putting together a ready-to-assemble kit based on the MendelMax 1.5. 

The kit will include all the hardware, printed parts, wiring, electronics, etc for you to completely assemble your 3D printer, as well as providing you with a 1kg spool of filament for you to start printing immediately!  We will be providing the workspace and tools, along with step-by-step instruction from several Knox Makers members who have assembled their own 3D printers.  After completing final assembly, we will start working on the calibration and commissioning process so at the end of the weekend, you will have successfully completed a dimensionally correct print from your machine. 

Children's Festival of Reading Brainstorming (P) - Tue 5/7 6:30 PM

Tue 5/7 will be a new project brainstorming session for our friends at the MUSE. Toni is looking for some help with a contraption for the Children's Festival of Reading on May 18th 10am-3pm. She would like help building something that children could drop coins in (as a donation) that would then go through some sort of Rube Goldberg-ish contraption ending in a puff of mist (as relief from the heat). Combined Donation/exhibit/gratification all in one.

Attack of the Relational Databases! (P) - Tue 5/14 6:30 PM

DESCRIPTION: Starting from the ground up, this workshop will introduce relational database design and implementation concepts gently (yet firmly), mixing theory with practical examples. Content will build to a level of sophistication sufficient to teach moderately-experienced database administrators a thing or two while remaining pH balanced for the initiate. Topics will include:
* basic database concepts
* database software options
* designing and creating simple databases
* database normalization
* querying, inserting, and updating data

SSH: tips and tricks (P) - Tue 5/21 6:30 PM


SSH is a tool used daily for remote access. However, by default 'remote access' is interpreted as terminal access, when really, it's much, much more. This talk will explore those use cases.
- simplifying access with keys
- .ssh/config
- local forwards, remote forwards
- web proxying
- 'netcat mode'
- piping through ssh
Accessible to newbies, while retaining some tidbits for seasoned pros. Audience members are welcome to share their own favorite tricks. 
Jess Males
R&D Systems Engineering, Team Lead
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
- Having had his parents murdered before his eyes, as the family was going to the theater, young Jess dedicated his life to fight crime. He now works as a systems administrator. 

Quadcopter Presentation (P) - Tue 4/30 6:30 PM

This quadcopter presentation will cover the basics of what a quadcopter can and cannot do, how much bang you can get for your buck, and some political and social aspects of flying them.  Butch will be doing a brief PowerPoint presentation and then a flying demonstration outdoors.  Butch has also created a website with lists of vendors, forums, and videos available at
Emile 'Butch' Alline is a 74 year young retired mechanical engineer who moved to Oak Ridge after hurricane Katrina to spend time with his two grandkids.  Butch likes to build anything that flies, floats, is controlled by radio waves, or otherwise moves.  Butch's "kids" are half a century old now.  Two are medical docs and one is a chief engineer at a TV station in Miami. Some of Butch's builds are shown on the website noted above.

Stained Glass Workshop ($, RR) - Sat 4/13 9 AM - 1 PM

** Description:
Beginning stained glass workshop in the copper foil technique. Participants will produce a suncatcher.  Skills in pattern work, glass cutting, foiling, and soldering will be the focus.  Little or no previous experience is necessary.
** Maximum workshop size: 8
** Time: Approx. 4 hours beginning at 9 AM
**Fee to be paid at workshop:
$25 using shared supplies provided, about one of each item per 2-3 students
  $5 bringing own supplies
**Instructor will provide for everyone:
Copper Foil
Flux&  brushes
Flux remover
50/50 solder
**Minimum supplies to bring for $5 fee:
Ruler or square
Glass cutter and cutting oil
Running pliers
Breaker/grozer pliers
Foil shears
Safety glasses or eye protection
Abrasive stone (optional)
Soldering iron
Some plain and stained glass - pieces large enough to practice cutting skills
(Patti has been to Fountain City Stained Glass and the owner, Vickey, said that she'd extend a discount to folks buying supplies for this class - they would just need to say that Patti is giving a beginning class at the Oak Ridge Hackerspace.)


Arduino Basics: Hardware

Tuesday, April 2 at 6:30 PM will be our final Arduino Basics class.  This one will be covering hardware. The class will quickly recap some basic electronics, and review some connections.  Bring your Arduinos and breadboards, as we'll be turning the projectors off and actually building some of these basic circuits.  A few Arduinos and breadboards will be provided.  There will be lots of components to work with, so come out and plug some stuff in!  We'll see you there.


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