Canoe Launch Success!

So much fun.

Thanks again to everyone who came out for the launch. What a great event! I am beside myself with how well our little canoe floated.

More pictures in a gallery ( and on the MakerSite blog:

The canoe build is done, long live the canoe build: Jeff's plans are about to be up on the wall. Everyone ready for sixteen feet of awesome??


Canoe's Done; May As Well Launch Her!

Canoe in the grass, gratuitous lens flare

So the first boat build by the Knox Makers Boatbuilding Initiative is done. And she's a beauty. We tried to make a rough prototype - and she's got her rough spots, no doubt about it - but overall she's a sight for sore eyes.

We've planned a launch event for this coming Sunday, 16 September. We'll meet at Clark Center Park (a.k.a Carbide Park) at 2pm, stroll to the picnic area near the swimming beach, and see how much this puppy leaks!

Come if you can; all are welcome.


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