3D Printing Colloquium: Tue, Jan 21 @ 7PM

Let's get together on Tuesday evening to brainstorm, strategize and plan a series of 3D printing workshops!
We're interested in putting together sessions with the broadest appeal possible. Regardless of your skill level, whether you're a potential instructor or a potential participant, your input will be valuable.
Issac will be bringing his printer for inspiration; you're encouraged to bring yours, as well!


Things are Gearing Up

Here's what I've managed to print out this afternoon.  I'm having trouble with getting the larger parts to get through a full print cycle, but what I have so far looks pretty promising.  I'm well on my way to having a complete set of Prusa Mendel parts!


3D Printing

Come join us Tuesday evening at the TechCo space @ 6:00 or so for our monthly open hack.  Everyone is welcome!  The topic of this session is going to be 3d Printing.  This weekend we finally got the 3d printer working and it's time to show it off.


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